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Lily & Bean Floppy Sequin Straw Hat with Heart on Name

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Band on Hat

Our signature bespoke hat.

This one is shown with a pom pom band in the photo and a heart on the name. On this particular listing you can choose a silk band or a pom pom band and whatever phrase you choose the heart will be on the end as shown below.

These hats we searched high and low for to find the perfect shape, fit and brim- and here it is....completely bespoke to you.

We have an in house team making our hats so they are super quick, and we use Fedex meaning as soon as anyone worldwide for example USA orders from us when its dispatched it arrives the following morning.


Can be customized with any phrase, name or quote- anything you wish. Some examples below
Lara is shown with a silk band without a heart and Caroline is shown with a heart and pom pom band